Tuesday 1 October 2013

Wrapping Up

Finally the three months of internship came to a successful end. After the basic features of the extension being finished, it is now implemented with permissions plugin handling the user aspect, allowing only the author of the annotation to update and destroy it. The next step planned was to support logged out users. Starting from the viewing first, the annotations could now be created by anons. This took quite some time since it required a schema change and some investigation as well. Then due to the huge demand of people of not wanting to see the annotations by default on a wiki page, I went forward towards implementing a toggle to switch to 'viewing annotations' mode and destroy all the annotations when clicked on any other tabs. The overall progress of the extension can be tested /http://annotator.wmflabs.org/

Since this was a prototype as part of a GSoC project, so the Wikimedia requirements for its deployment are out of scope. There are a lot more things to be done such as the history of annotations, integration with visual editor, internationalization support, etc. I would be glad to hear the future discussions on this project soon :) Once again, a great thanks to my mentors for their awesome mentorship and to the whole Wikimedia community for providing me a wonderful oppurtunity of learning this summer!

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  1. Congrats, Richa! What will you do to try to foment the discussion you want to happen?